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Classic Video of Donald Trump Dominating Multiple Sports Suddenly Going Viral Online

By Noah

This is a real gem!

Our President Trump is not only a tough fighter, a brilliant businessman, a man with a great sense of humor, but he’s also athletic and has historically been dominant in multiple sports.

Yes, really!

No, I’m not saying he’s going to go play in the NBA or play quarterback for the Patriots, but the man has some real athletic ability and he can definitely hold his own out there, whether that’s on the tennis court, basketball court, football field or many other spots!

I’ve shown you parts of this video before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of these stitched together and right now it’s going viral online for good reason.

So check this out:

No, he’s not truly going to beat Serena Williams in Tennis, and yes I know this is just a fun little video they put together, but the man is out there in a full suit and he’s zinging them over the net to Serena!

I challenge any of you to try that and I don’t think many could do it (no offense)!

Donald Trump Plays Tennis With Serena Williams, Barefoot and Wearing a Suit

This is a flashback to 2015, but something I had not seen before so I’m sharing with you.

Guessing this is new to many of you as well.

And yes, this does appear to be genuine video and not a Deep Fake or AI creation.

So this all started when Trump posted a picture of himself earlier today on TruthSocial playing Tennis.


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