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Mobile ‘Rape Dungeon’ Uncovered with Cage, Condoms, and Children’s Toys

Suspected Serial Rapist Illegal Immigrant Arrested

An illegal immigrant from Mexico has been ensnared by the long arm of justice after being caught red-handed in what authorities have described as a mobile ‘rape dungeon.’

Eduardo Sarabia, an illegal migrant from Mexico, has been arrested and accused of operating a mobile ‘rape dungeon’ within a modified 2015 Ford Transit van. This horrifying case unfolded near the Angeles National Forest in California, where Sarabia was apprehended by police during an alleged sexual assault on a 26-year-old woman.

Authorities charged Sarabia with sexual assault following the incidents, which occurred between May 12 and 13. Currently, he is being held without bail. The chilling details emerged when police caught him in the act off Highway 39, leading to his immediate arrest.

Inside the van, law enforcement officers found a harrowing scene: condoms, ropes, bungees, children’s toys, multiple cell phones, hard drives, and a worn, stained mattress, painting a stark picture of premeditation and malice. A metal partition, locked from the outside, transformed the back of the vehicle into a cage, FOX 13 reported.


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