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Trudeau government blew $2.9 million in taxpayer funds on UN COP28 summit

by Clare Marie Merkowsky

The COP28 summit expenditures included $1.3 million for a ‘Canada Pavilion’ featuring a rapper who is the son of Liberal MP Joyce Murray.

(LifeSiteNews) — The Trudeau government spent nearly $3 million in taxpayer funds to participate in the United Nations’ COP28 summit, which included paying the son of a Liberal MP to perform a song on “climate disinformation.”  

According to figures released May 6, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government spent nearly $3 million on Canada’s participation in the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) summit in Dubai, including $1.3 million for a “Canada Pavilion” featuring a Canadian rapper.  

“Climate disinformation, get that immunization, the vaccine for bad meme infiltration,” said Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman in his opening verse.  

“Climate misinformation, it leads to polarization, which leads to radical conspiracy ideation,” he continued. 

Notably, Brinkman is the son of Liberal MP Joyce Murray. 

While the trip was initially estimated to cost $1.4 million, the total cost of the summit, which was held from November 20 to December 12 last year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, came to $2,954,188. However, the records note that some added expenses “have yet to be processed.” 

The costs include $825,466 for transportation, $472,570 for accommodations, and $295,455 for meals and incidentals.  

In addition to the cost of the “Canadian Pavilion,” Canadians paid for 193 delegates to stay in Dubai for the summit.  


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