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Huge pro-Trump crowd in the Bronx shows something profound happening in America

By Andrea Widburg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted the other day that the virtue of the so-called “hush money” trial is that it keeps Trump off the campaign trail. She slammed the fact that Trump would even contemplate making lemonade out of that lemon by campaigning in the Bronx—her turf. That was fear speaking, and AOC was right to be afraid. What’s happening now in the Bronx is monumental. A crowd that was estimated to be a few thousand is currently in the tens of thousands and still growing.

Yesterday, when Ocasio-Cortez learned that Trump would be coming to her home turf, she tried to insult him by gloating about the trial hampering his ability to campaign:

The fear behind those words has become a reality today. Not only has Trump come to the Bronx, but the residents of the Bronx are welcoming him with open arms. I can’t describe in words what these videos show. They’re all short but you must watch them to understand that something magical is going on:

Contrast this scene in the Bronx—which is like something out of an old Hollywood movie—with Biden’s recent appearance in New Hampshire:


Why is this happening? Why is the Bronx suddenly Trump territory? This woman articulates it well: The world was better under Trump, being both safer and more prosperous.

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