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Judge in Trump Show Trial Is “Outrageous, Unethical, Unlawful and Petty”

The judge in New York City’s show trial of former President Donald Trump is “unethical” and a judicial “tyrant.”

That verdict comes not from the Trump presidential campaign, but instead from Biden voter and Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz’s 809-word, sizzling indictment strongly suggests that Trump has a ready appeal should the jury return a guilty verdict.

“Outrageous” and “Petty”

Trump is on trial for “hush money” payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and other women. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, helped into office with money from communist Hungarian billionaire George Soros, claims Trump falsely called the reimbursement of Trump’s disgraced former attorney, Michael Cohen, “legal expenses.”

As well, Trump supposedly violated federal election law in paying the women. Dershowitz and law professor Jonathan Turley, also a man of the Left, have explained at length why the case is a legal farce. The statute of limitations on the “crimes” has expired, and federal prosecutors have declined to charge Trump, they have explained.

Moreover, Judge Juan Merchan donated to President Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020, the subject of an ethical complaint that was dismissed. His daughter is a Biden campaign veteran.

On display is an American version of Stalinist show trial.

That aside, Dershowitz wrote that he’s never seen anything like Merchan’s performance in his six-decade career.

“I have never seen a spectacle such as the one I observed sitting in the front row of the courthouse yesterday,” he wrote on Substack:

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