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Techies Build a Carless 15-Minute “Dream” City for the Peasants


California progressives create the problem of housing with bad policies, and then they come up with an even worse solution. Such is the 15-minute city some tech giants are building. They are trying “to build a dream” in California. Is it a dream or a nightmare?

A secret group is purchasing lots of farmland. As it turns out, the group comprises the richest people in the world. Silicone Valley leftists are buying the land. They have a website called “California Forever.”

It will be a walkable city, and the middle class will be able to afford it. The city hopes to attract companies back to California.

It looks exactly like Klaus Schwab’s and the UN’s 15-minute carless cities.

The community has to decide if they will let them abandon laws to build this “dream.”

Only a couple of ranchers have refused the big bucks the billionaires are offering for their land. They might have to worry about eminent domain. The state is run by commies.

They think the farmers are keeping progress back. They want a car-free village for all the peasants.

What some say about 15-minute cities:

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