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So Much for the Lawfare—Trump Rocks the Bronx

by Stephen Kruiser

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sequenthon took great pride in the painstaking effort he put into bedazzling every pair of tiny chaps for the annual tri-county chimp rodeo.

Democrats and their media mouthpieces haven’t exactly been hiding their glee about the fact that the kangaroo court set up by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been keeping former president Donald Trump off of the campaign trail.

It doesn’t matter. Wherever he is in the world, Donald Trump is the center of the American media universe. Oddly, it’s the people who most want him to shut up who have made him that way. The Democrats’ unhinged obsession with Trump keeps him front and center in the American conversation. They would prefer that the conversation be negative, obviously, but the poor dears have been struggling with that of late.

Trump won the presidency in 2016 because he worked hard campaigning in places that hadn’t been good to Republicans in recent elections. GOP candidates before Trump would go through the motions in bluer states, but Trump was, as the phrase goes, in it to win it.

To the chagrin of everyone who is trying to railroad him, Trump hasn’t been letting them wear him down. They were no doubt hoping that, at the very least, they could physically and mentally exhaust him.

Instead, he seems to be energized.

Last night, Trump held a rally in the Bronx, which heretofore has been no-man’s land for Republican presidential candidates. A good chunk of it is touched by the congressional district that keeps sending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress, after all.

People are so Biden-weary that Bronx residents were looking forward to Trump’s visit. This is from Catherine’s preview yesterday:


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