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British Member of Parliament Reveals UK and US Soldiers Are Active in Ukraine Firing Advanced Missiles at Russia

British MP Andrew Bridgen recently went on the Doc Malik podcast to discuss the current developments in the Ukraine War. According to Bridgen, the US and UK have soldiers in Ukraine who are operating advanced missile delivery systems that are raining down on Russian forces.

Andrew Bridgeon: Rishi wants out. We are actually at war with Russia now. We’ve got- They just haven’t told you… We’re actually at war with Russia now. I met with Andrey Kelen, the Russian ambassador in London a couple of months ago. And he said that we know that your people are firing those Stormshadow missiles at us out of Ukraine because you couldn’t train the Ukrainians to do it. We know you’re doing it. And I mean, everything everybody Everybody knows that there are lots of US, UK, French. The French are in there.

Doc Malik: I thought it was the Brits were down on the ground and special advisors training sessions and teaching them and showing them… That’s how we started with the Vietnam War. Vietnam War, yeah. Dude, what the f*ck are we doing poking the bear? That’s really stupid.

Andrew Bridgen: They’re determined to get us into a war with Russia. And thank God, we’ve got someone in Putin who at least as a has got some brains.

Doc Malik: Now you sound like a Putin lover.

Andrew Bridgen: Well, I’m not. I’m not convinced any of them are any good. But at the end of the day, if you look at the facts, since ’91, we’ve moved NATO a thousand miles nearer to Moscow. They haven’t moved nearer to us. No, they haven’t. And if you think about what we were trying to do, the EU wanted to bring in Ukraine for whatever reason, and NATO wanted it, and they’d have put missiles on the border of Russia. Well, I mean, what did America do when the old Soviet Union tried to put missiles in Cuba, 90 miles off the Florida Coast?

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