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Farage Sparks Leftist Meltdown After Stating Growing Number of Muslims ‘Loathe’ British Values

by Kurt Zindulka

The chattering classes in the UK put on their outrage cap on Sunday while trotting out accusations of “racism” against Brexit leader Nigel Farage for warning that an increasing number of Muslims in the country “loathe” British values.

Appearing on Sky News’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips, Mr Farage stated: “We have a growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British values, in fact, loathe much of what we stand for. I think we see them on the streets of London every Saturday.”

When pressed by Phillips if he was referring to Muslims in the UK, Farage replied: “We are. And I’m afraid I found some of the recent surveys saying that 46% of British Muslims support Hamas – support a terrorist organisation that is proscribed in this country.”

The honorary president of the Reform UK party was referencing a poll from the Henry Jackson Society, which found that nearly half of British Muslims were sympathetic to Hamas terrorists and just 24 per cent believed that Hamas committed murder and rape during the October 7th terror attacks on Israel, which saw 1,200 people murdered and hundreds taken hostage.

The survey also found that a third of British Muslims would like to see Sharia become the law of the land in Britain and 52 per cent backed making it a crime to show an image depicting the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

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