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“Holy F**K”: US Military Hid Quantico Breach Attempt By Jordanians In Box Truck In Possible Dry-Run

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Weeks ago, two individuals in a box truck attempted to breach the gates at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Triangle, Virginia. Armed guards immediately stopped them, and the base’s top brass quickly covered up the incident.

The reason for burying this incident? It’s an election year for President Biden – and this type of news is politically explosive. The suspects were two Jordanian nationals, one reportedly on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, raising suspicions that they entered illegally through the Biden administration’s open southern border, as one report says, adding this could’ve been a dry run for a potential vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack.

Potomac Local News first reported the incident. Since then, the New York Post has exposed how the May 3 incident was potentially covered up, even for those on the base for two weeks.

Matt Strickland was the first to report the incident to the local media outlet. He told NYPost, “After I [raised the alarm], I had people who work at Quantico messaging me saying, ‘Holy f—k, when did this happen?” 

He said, “Two weeks after it happened, Quantico finally put an email out to employees on base letting them know.” 

“It was basically ‘F—k, guys, I guess we aren’t going to be able to keep this secret, we should try to do some CYA’ [cover your ass],” said Strickland, a former Blackwater contractor and combat incident analyst at the National Ground Intelligence Center.

Strickland said, “Every American has a right to know what happened at Quantico,” adding, “Citizens have a right to know what is going on in their backyard.” 

Why is that, you ask?

Well, as the NYPost explained:

Some reports speculated the two men arrested had recently crossed the southern border into the US, and one was [said to be] on the US government’s terrorist watch list.

Strickland was told one of the people involved had a Virginia ID, while the other was a terrorist. The Post has not been able to independently verify either rumor.

Both men are in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. Authorities would not comment further, only saying the two will remain in ICE custody until deported.

Strickland continued:

“Who would they be keeping that information from? The reasoning would be so the terrorists, or whoever the Jordanians are working for, don’t know all the information. But whoever those two Jordanian men are working for already know what they planned to do and that they were apprehended.

“The only people who don’t know what happened are the American people.”

This is why Strickland believes the incident was abruptly covered up:

“The secrecy is purposeful because it was illegal immigrants, one of who was on the terror watch list, who breached the gates. 

“And they’re allowing these illegal immigrants to come across the border.”

The NYPost’s Editorial Board asks…

And this is not the first incident. We covered a report over the weekend of two undocumented Chechens, with one using a “telephoto lens” – taking photos outside the home of an elite US Army special forces colonel near Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, in North Carolina.

None of this should be surprising to ZeroHedge readers. The Biden administration’s experiment of letting unvetted and unvaxxed illegal aliens into the nation – upwards of ten million – is truly shocking. Even the Department of Homeland Security admitted the southern border has been open to terrorists and criminals. The FBI has made similar warnings, with known terrorists apprehended on the border.

Recall earlier this year, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones warned, “There are more red flags going off now than before 9-11” thanks to open southern borders. 

Also, an Iranian intelligence officer is running around America, plotting assassination attacks against former and current government officials.

Don’t forget the countless terrorists that have already crossed the border and are unknown at this point because of open southern border policies.

Great job, Democrats. The American people will never forget how open southern borders have fueled chaos nationwide—all because you want a new voting base. How selfish. This issue will haunt the party in the upcoming elections, as the majority of Americans are fed up.

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