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Poland and Baltic Countries Prepare To Send Troops Into Ukraine if Russia Makes a Strategic Breakthrough

Against the backdrop of continuing Russian advances, some Western leaders have started to advocate missile strikes inside Russian territory, from NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg up to chief warmonger, former British Premier Boris Johnson:

Now, some European neighboring countries have started preparing to introduce their troops into Ukraine in case of strategic Russian advances in Eastern Ukraine.

The Baltic states and Poland have warned Germany that they could send troops to Ukraine if the situation gets noticeably worse for Kiev due to its allies being reluctant to supply it with weapons.

Reported by Der Spiegel (behind paywall):

“If the Russians succeed in a strategic breakthrough in eastern Ukraine because the West is reluctant to help Kiev, the situation could escalate sharply. In this case, the Baltic countries and Poland will not wait for Russian troops to deploy on their borders, Baltic politicians warn, they will send troops themselves to Ukraine.”

That would make NATO a party to the conflict—exactly what German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden fear.

Scholz has once again repeated that he opposes revising the rules giving Kiev the opportunity to strike them on Russian territory.

Berlin does not want the conflict to escalate into a conflict between Russia and NATO.

Some incidents are already taking place. Simplicius the Thinker reported on Russian troops dismantling navigation buoys on the Narva River between Russia and Estonia:

“In the video, Russian border guards dismantle navigation buoys installed by Estonia.



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