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Trump MS Campaign Finance Director and Former Governor Says Wealthy Donors Hesitant to Donate to Trump because “FBI Will Show Up at My Door”

Former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was one of the greatest governors in state history. This reporter can confirm that Bryant has ALWAYS been a Trump supporter.

Phil Bryant is currently the campaign finance director for the Trump ’24 Campaign in Mississippi.

Former Governor Bryant says donors are leery of donating to Donald Trump out of fear that the FBI will show up at their door.

Former Governor Phil Bryant: “I’m the campaign finance director for Donald Trump in Mississippi, so we raise money. I’ve talked to a number of very wealthy individuals that God has blessed that say I can’t give money to Donald Trump because the FBI will show up at my door.

And, I tell them, think of what you just said. If you make a legitimate honest campaign contribution to the Republican nominee for president, the FBI will come to your door. And they acknowledge that’s a reality in the United States of America.

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