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Merchan Keeping Trump in Courthouse so He Can’t Campaign

by Hannah Knudsen

Judge Juan Merchan is keeping former President Donald Trump off the campaign trail by forcing him to wait at the courthouse while the jury deliberates, Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall said during an interview on Breitbart News Daily.

“Why are they keeping him in the courtroom?” host Mike Slater asked Binnall during the Wednesday appearance.

“I think we all know that the entire reason that Judge Merchan had scheduled this case for when he scheduled it for and why he has been very, very deliberate in keeping Donald Trump in the courtroom and now making so he can’t even, you know, leave the courthouse area is because he wants to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail,” Binnall said, explaining that no matter what the verdict, Merchan wins in that he was able to keep  Trump off the campaign trail for a significant amount of time.


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