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17-Year-Old Girl Dies of Cardiac Arrest after 2nd Covid Vax

A 17-year-old Michigan girl has tragically died shortly after she received a second dose of Pfizer’s Covid mRNA shot, her devasted family has revealed.

Aubrynn Grundy from Livonia, Michigan suffered a massive followed by multiple severe complications which ultimately resulted in her untimely death.

Shanna Carroll, Aubrynn’s heartbroken mother, is now speaking out to warn the public about the deadly side effects of the injections.

The teenager, who was described as being in perfect health, died in August 2022, less than two months after she received her second dose of the Pfizer shot.

“She was a girly and hippie kid who loved flowy outfits, music, and she really especially loved art,” Shanna Carroll told The Defender.

“She was shy but brave, and she wanted to work in human rights.”

Aubrynn’s mom shared her medical records with The Defender.

They show that Aubrynn was diagnosed with COVID-19, myocarditis, and other heart and lung complications.

The records note that she experienced three major cardiac events.

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