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Justin Trudeau Offers Birthright Citizenship for Indian Migrants’ Children

by Neil Munro

Canadians’ wages, wealth, and productivity are falling amid a massive inflow of poor migrants, yet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to expand citizenship to the foreign-born children of the migrants who take low-wage jobs from Canadians.

“That’s bonkers,” responded Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“There are tens of millions of people around the world who would do [the Canadian jobs] for room and board — who would do it for free and hustle a little extra money on the side to pay for food! — if the consequence was that their kids would all be able to be Canadian citizens,” he told Breitbart News.

“I’m not even sure we have a language to describe this kind of thing …. This is a step in that direction where you would have Canadian [citizens] who have nothing to do with Canada,” he added.

The announcement is just one of several pre-election giveaways Trudeau’s government is offering to subgroups with Canada’s chaotic diversity of Canadians, immigrants, migrant workers, and supposed foreign students.

For example, the immigration minister also announced that Canada would offer citizenship to 5,000 families in Gaza that have members who are Canadians. That decision could enable a huge inflow of Arabs unless the Canadian government uses genetic tests to verify family connections.


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