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It’s Time to Go After the Left More Ruthlessly — and Truthfully — Than Ever Before

by Chris Queen

We now live in a world where it’s possible for a party in power to target its enemy with lawfare — and win. Never in American history has there been such a patently obvious attempt by a sitting president to silence his rival.

One effect of Donald Trump’s conviction is that it should get some people off the sidelines and ready to speak out against the Biden administration’s injustice. A lot of Republicans who had their doubts about Trump will likely swing his way now.

Back in 2016, I was skeptical of Trump, and I wrote about that right here at PJ Media. He proved me wrong in the White House, and I became a supporter even as I was willing to call balls and strikes on him. I had hoped we might give another Republican a chance in 2024, but when Trump vanquished all comers, I came to believe that he’s our best bet for defeating Biden.

And now here we are. My home state governor, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.), summed it up:

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