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Seditious Manhattan Jury Shows What a ‘Threat to Democracy’ Looks Like

by Stephen Kruiser

So… what do you guys want to talk about today?

Being kind of Zen about politics has been my thing for several years now. Kevin Downey Jr. told me that it freaks him out when I get angry about the news. When the verdict came in on Thursday afternoon it was exactly what I thought it would be, yet I still got a little wound up.

It’s not that I never get angry; it’s that I work on not letting things linger and fester. I get it out of my system. Blowing off steam here is a big part of that. My emotional response to the Manhattan madness was to buy ammo, go for a long walk on a hot day, then donate some money to Trump.

It mostly worked, but I think we all know that this one is going to gnaw at all of us for a while.

This is from something Kevin wrote right after the news hit:

I knew the fix was in for Trump when the White House revealed Biden would pull up his Depends adult diapers and give a talk after the verdict was released.

I also knew the guilty verdict would, like every other accusation they’ve thrown against Trump, make him stronger. To quote my Motor City hometown hero Bob Seger, “Every time they were sure they had you caught, you were quicker than they thought. You just turned your head and walked.”


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