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WHO Demands Crackdown on Critics of Anti-Human Agenda

The World Health Organization (WHO) is demanding that global governments begin cracking down on members of the public who criticize the United Nations (UN) agency’s anti-human agenda.

Like its parent agency, the UN, the WHO has been advancing plans that seek to strip citizens of their rights and freedoms in order to assert global control.

Along with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the unelected globalist organizations are hoping to usher in their agenda by claiming that anti-humanity measures are vital in the “fight” against looming pandemics and “climate change.”

However, most of the taxpaying public doesn’t want to be forced to live in mud huts, eat insects, give up travel, be boosted to death, or be locked in their homes, all while paying to fund bureaucrats who impose such measures.

Unfortunately for the WHO, public pushback against its globalist agenda is now derailing plans for its “Global Pandemic Treaty” to be adopted by governments.

During the May 27-June 1 World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, the WHO failed to garner support from independent nations willing to surrender their sovereign rights.

Rather than win over critics with reassurances ahead of the next stage of his campaign to promote the failed scheme, the WHO has other plans.

The WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and other globalists have instead doubled down, urging a crackdown on critics of their agenda.

Tedros has spent several months promoting his “Global Pandemic Treaty.”


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