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Sandy Hook Families Ask Judge To Liquidate Alex Jones’ Media Company After Feds Attempt To Shut Down Infowars

Families of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting asked a judge to liquidate  Alex Jones’ media company, including Infowars, immediately after the legendary talk show host announced the federal government is orchestrating a forceful takeover of his broadcasting studios.

Jones previously asked the judge to provide time to reorganize his business as the Sandy Hook families demanded the collection of $1.5 billion they were awarded in their outlandish verdicts against him.

On Sunday, lawyers for families filed an emergency motion in Bankruptcy Court in Houston, doubling down on the concerted effort to shut down Infowars.

Free Speech Systems,  Alex Jones’ parent company, has “no prospect” of developing a reorganization plan that would be approved by the court and has “failed to demonstrate any hope of beginning to satisfy” their legal claims, attorneys for the Sandy Hook families wrote.

A hearing in Free Speech Systems’ bankruptcy case was slated for Monday to address the plaintiff’s dispute over the company’s finances.

Jones warned on a live emergency broadcast on Saturday that federal agents could put locks on the studio’s doors and liquidate all broadcasting assets amid the families’ bankruptcy court filings.


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