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Some MPs are acting for foreign powers. Why aren’t they being named?

By Andrew Lawton

The report released yesterday from NSICOP, the parliamentary national security committee, says that some parliamentarians have “wittingly” worked to assist foreign powers – including China – meddle in Canadian politics. The report doesn’t name them, but True North’s Andrew Lawton says Canadians deserve to know who these politicians are.

Also, National Post journalist Adam Zivo revealed audio recordings showing the extent to which harm reduction activists were prepared to disrupt a conference of their critics in Vancouver – including a plan to dye the water in the conference hotel fountain red, intimidate attendees, and even spray people with a fire extinguisher. Does this mean they’re losing the debate? Zivo returns to the show to discuss.

Plus, a new documentary exposes the lesser-known consequences and challenge associated with green energy initiatives. Filmmaker Heidi McKillop joins the show to talk about ‘Generation Green’, which premieres today in Calgary.

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