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Condemned USA Files Supreme Court Petition to Stop New York’s Lawfare Against Trump: ‘We The People Are Being Disenfranchised as Voters’

J6er Treniss Evans, through his legal advocacy group Condemned USA, filed a Supreme Court petition on Friday aimed squarely at halting the controversial New York case against former President Donald Trump.

Evans’ petition contends that allowing New York to proceed would create inconsistent interpretations of federal law across states, undermining national legal uniformity and fairness. The petition seeks an immediate stay of the trial proceedings in New York, requesting that the Supreme Court intervene to prevent further potential injustice.

Evans also requests a comprehensive review of the trial record, arguing that Trump may be entitled to a writ of habeas corpus — a fundamental safeguard against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment.

The petition invokes the Supreme Court’s ruling in Norma Jean Anderson v. Trump, which held that state courts lack subject matter jurisdiction to enforce a non-uniform version of federal law. According to Evans, the New York trial misinterprets and inconsistently applies federal campaign finance law, violating the principle of judicial estoppel established in Anderson v. Trump.

Evans alleges violations of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection and due process clauses, suggesting potential bias and selective prosecution by the New York District Attorney.


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