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Alberta town starts petition to remove rainbow crosswalks, ‘Pride’ flags from municipal property

by Clare Marie Merkowsky

The residents of Barrhead, Alberta are only the most recent to resist the LGBT agenda, as both an Ontario and Alberta town have refused to fly ‘Pride’ flags.

(LifeSiteNews) — An Alberta town is pushing back against the LGBT agenda by petitioning to remove LGBT rainbow flags and crosswalks.

This month, residents of Barrhead, Alberta, launched a petition to remove all LGBT rainbow crosswalks and “Pride” flags from municipal property, similar to a motion passed in the nearby town of Westlock earlier this year.

“Our goal is to create a neutrality bylaw that keeps public spaces public and neutral,” organizer Ard Doornbos told The Epoch Times in an interview. “Crosswalks should remain crosswalks simply as they are described by the Alberta traffic guide guidelines.”

The petition requests that the local government not favor either side but remain neutral by only flying flags that relate to federal, provincial, or municipal governments.

The town began painting rainbow crosswalks a couple years ago, but Doornbos revealed, “There’s lots of indication that rubbed people the wrong way and created divisiveness. That’s unnecessary.”

According to Doornbos, the petition must be signed by 10 percent of the town’s population, or about 460 residents, in order to be presented to the town council. The group will be collecting signatures throughout June.

“We just were convicted this is the right thing to do, for the benefit of the town and even of the council members themselves,” Doornbos said.

“We got some emails from residents, people that are in favor of it, people that are concerned with our approach, people that do not like it at all,” he revealed. “So, it’s a bit of a mixed response so far.”

The initiative is being celebrated by many Albertans, who took to social media to voice support for the small town.


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