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Canadian Government Roiled By Report Of Officials Aiding Foreign Election Influence Efforts

By  Tim Pearce

Suggestions of treason rocked Canada last week after a report said members of its Parliament were “witting” accomplices in foreign election meddling efforts.

The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP), composed of lawmakers given top-level security clearance to conduct a sensitive investigation into foreign influence, released a report last week suggesting that some Canadian lawmakers worked with foreign agents in potentially treasonous ways, according to POLITICO.

The report says that the lawmakers involved are unlikely to be found guilty of a crime over what the investigation uncovered because of the difficulty of producing classified information in criminal courts for prosecution.

NSICOP found that certain Canadian lawmakers were or are “‘semi-witting or witting’ participants in the efforts of foreign states to interfere in Canadian politics.” The allegations against the lawmakers include accepting financial or community support mobilized on behalf of foreign missions, providing foreign agents with information on Canadian lawmakers, and sharing privileged information with foreign agents.

“[T]he most prolific actor” among foreign influencers was China, according to The New York Times. India was the next most influential actor.

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