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Kari Lake Warns ‘Unelected Bureaucrats’ Are Forcing Ranchers off Their Land

Republican Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake has warned that “Democrats and the Uniparty” are using “unelected bureaucrats to regulate private citizens to death.”

During a new interview with Newsmax, Lake raised the alarm over increasing numbers of ranchers who are being forced off their land.

Lake says she spoke to two ranchers who were “in tears” over the situation.

She says they told her:

“We can’t handle these regulations.

“They’re trying to force us to sell our family ranch.

“It’s been in our family for five generations.

“They’re trying to make it so onerous that we just throw our hands up and say, ‘I give up.’”

“It never should have come to this,” Lake declared,

“When I get to the U.S. Senate, we’re going to push back against these unelected bureaucrats and ease the burden they’re placing on hardworking Americans.”


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