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Natural Rights

The idea of natural rights is the concept used in philosophy and legal studies that a person has certain rights from birth and which, because they were not awarded by a particular state or legal authority, cannot be removed, that is, they are inalienable. Such rights may include the right to life, liberty, equality, property, justice, and happiness.–the-enlightenment/

God-Given Human Rights vs. Divine Right of Kings

The distinction between God-given human rights and the divine right of kings was a crucial aspect of the Founding Fathers’ philosophical framework. They sought to reject the idea of a monarch with absolute authority, claiming divine authority to rule over the people without any accountability. Instead, the Founders championed the concept of natural rights endowed by a higher power, which neither governments nor kings could legitimately infringe upon.

Self-control in politics is a boring virtue — and an absolutely necessary one

When politicians insist on doing what they can rather than what they should, chaos sometimes follows

Restraint isn’t very exciting. That’s sort of the point. And on any given day in Parliament, it might not seem to be much in evidence.

But it is also, quietly, one of the forces that holds a democracy and a country together. Restraint — self-imposed or forced on politicians by voters — is often what allows political systems to continue functioning.

Although Shugart said he hasn’t read it, his appeal to restraint will be familiar to readers of How Democracies Die, a brilliant and worrisome book released in 2018.

Take Trump Seriously When He Says Tariffs Will Pay For Tax Reform

President Biden and former President Trump differ on many things. But when it comes to international trade, they have more in common than you might think.

Both have broken with the low-tariff orthodoxy that has dominated U.S. politics for almost a century. And both have targeted China for a get-tough trade policy that has reshaped global politics.

B.C. library boasts of program to explicitly reject white job applicants

Discriminatory hiring is illegal, but not if the B.C. government gives you a special exemption for “equity” purposes

Why are schools brainwashing our children?

Protesting oil pipelines, celebrating polygamy: is the new ’social justice’ agenda in class pushing politics at the expense of learning?

Parents should be able to opt out of ‘woke’ schools

When it comes to academic achievement, Canada is losing ground. That’s what results on the Programme for International Assessment (PISA) tests over the last 20 years show us.

While students in other G7 countries have stable or improving scores in math, science and reading, Canada’s scores are steadily declining. The steepest declines occurred in math, and this should concern all parents. Clearly, something must be done to reverse this trend.

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