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Axe-wielding gas station fight caught on camera in Edmonton

TCS Wire

Chaos at Edmonton gas station: “Can we address the fact that the dude just carries an axe around in his car?”

A violent altercation was caught on camera at an Edmonton gas station, where one man tomahawk-chopped his axe into another person’s car.

According to Yegwave, a social media user who posted the incident on their Instagram page, the incident occurred at Petro-Canada on 118 Ave.

“From the people in the white sedan: ‘This guy was mad because me and my friends took our time at the gas station, and when we came out, he was so mad and broke the driver’s side mirror. After that, he went to his car and brought an axe. He almost hit one of my friends.’

The beginning of the incident was not captured but the axe-wielder, an Indian man, first appeared to have his headlights smashed by a young man.

In response, the Indian man grabs an axe from his jeep, and runs towards a white sedan before taking a few swings at it, breaking at least one window.

“Can we address the fact that the dude just carries a axe around in his car” one social media user said in response to the video.

The Counter Signal reached out to Edmonton Police to inquire about potential arrests related to the incident but did not hear back before publication.

Edmonton Crime Wave

Edmonton is becoming known in Canada for having rampant crime. After another random murder last November, Edmonton Police admitted crime is so out of control that they called the city “chaos,” and advised citizens to avoid interacting with anyone who gives them even remote suspicion.

The public advisory follows a horrific Sunday night murder of 52-year-old Rukinisha Nkundabatware, a father of seven. Nkundabatware was randomly stabbed to death by a thug who was out on bail, violating his house arrest.

The mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi, wrote a letter to federal justice minister David Lametti, begging for “immediate action” on bail reform.

“I struggle to comprehend why someone who could be a risk to others was released into our city without a plan in place to ensure they would not reoffend,” Sohi said.

Sohi further said that since 2020, 26 homicides have been committed in Edmonton by someone who was arrested for a violent offence and then released on bail.

“This is a crisis that requires your immediate attention,” his letter read.

In May, Muorater Mashar killed an Edmonton mother and her child in another random stabbing. Mashar was living freely near the school he stabbed the victims at, despite having a lengthy history of committing violent crimes.

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