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Former Biden Stenographer Claims Biden Blackmailed Obama with Threats of Exposing Former President’s Alleged Homosexual Affairs

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who worked with Joe Biden, claimed during an interview with Alex Jones that Biden used potential damaging information to manipulate Barack Obama.

McCormick alleges that Biden threatened to expose Obama’s supposed homosexual affairs unless certain conditions were met, wielding this information as a tool for political leverage.

Mike McCormick is a former White House stenographer who worked closely with Joe Biden during his tenure as Vice President. In this role, McCormick was responsible for accurately transcribing speeches, meetings, and other communications involving Biden and other governmental officials.

His firsthand experience provided him with an intimate perspective on the operations and inner workings of the Obama regime.

He wrote a book titled “The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden,” an eyewitness account of six years as Joe Biden’s White House stenographer.

According to his book:

McCormick, who made national news in April 2023 by revealing he submitted evidence to the FBI that would impeach Joe Biden, confirms that he was interviewed extensively about his knowledge of Biden’s corruption and evil by investigators from the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Governmental Affairs Committee.

McCormick courageously identifies US government officials who assisted Joe Biden in his evil schemes, including then president Barack Obama. And McCormick names the journalists who continue to cover for the Obama–Biden corruption. Despite all the evidence, he has not yet been asked to testify under oath about what he saw. That’s why he’s written this book.

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