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GOP Governor First To Issue Executive Order Stating ‘ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE’

By Danielle

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, announced Tuesday “Idaho is the first state to take executive action to ensure Idaho’s voter rolls remain free of non-citizens.”

“Governor Little signed Executive Order 2024-07, the ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act, to protect election integrity, voter confidence, and the sanctity of voting,” Little’s office stated.

Left Coast states’ liberal policies and @POTUS’ lawless southern border are eroding public trust in elections. Idaho is taking a stand. Today, I issued an executive order to ensure ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE in Idaho elections,” Little said.

“Idaho already has the most secure elections in the nation, and we’re going to keep it that way. My executive order – the ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act – directs Secretary of State Phil McGrane to work with local county clerks to scrub our voter rolls and make sure Idaho’s elections do not fall prey to the consequences of Biden’s lawless open border,” Little said.


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