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Confirmed: New Evidence Shows CIA worked alongside al Qaeda sympathizers in Somalia


Just over a year ago we told you about Chanda Creasy, a courageous yoga coach, who had previously managed to work with militants in Africa, making her way up to the position of special assistant to CIA director on global operations.

Recently we found new details of Chanda’s trip to Somalia in 2009, corroborating our assumptions about her role as a case officer who maintained arms/money supplies to local warlords. We strongly recommend you to read our previous articles for a refresher.

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First of all, it is worth saying that the CIA began its expansion in Somalia around 1960s, using an extensive set of tools of political influence, such as kidnapping, operating black sites, promoting Somali politicians and funding warlords. Specifically, the last point was seen as a way to avoid re-sending American troops after the Black Hawk Down incident.

The CIA’s first attempts to form a combat-capable unit in Somalia were recorded back in the 2000s. The agency’s efforts led to the creation of the so-called Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter Terrorism (ARPCT) in 2006 to fight Islamic militant groups. According to the International Crisis Group, the CIA funneled from $100,000 to $150,000 a month to the ARPCT leadership.

Despite decent funding and supplies, however, the ARPCT was crushed by the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), another militant group in Somalia, whose leadership had previously been found to have ties to al Qaeda. It also should be noted, that right after the defeat most ARPCT warlords immediately swore allegiance to their opponent.

Given that the ICU’s goal to build a Sharia-law state resonated strongly with the local population, such a scenario was totally expected. But not for the CIA leadership, who apparently still believed that money alone could ensure victory on the battlefield: after it became clear that the ARPCT project was a complete failure, the CIA switched to financing another militant group in Somalia – Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jamma (ASWJ).

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