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Philippines Raises Alarm after Recording 290K Vax Deaths


Government officials in the Philippines are raising the alarm after the nation has now recorded a staggering 290,000 deaths linked to Covid mRNA shots.

Unlike other countries around the world, Filipino lawmakers are now sounding the alarm about the crisis and the government has launched a full investigation into the deaths.

Notably, lawmakers have become alarmed that excess deaths surged among the public after they received Covid mRNA injections.

Noteworthy hearings have been taking place in the Philippines’ House of Representatives.

The hearings established that the deaths were not related to COVID-19 and that the spike only emerged after the “vaccines” that were meant to tackle the virus were rolled out for public use.

During the hearing, lawmakers sought to identify the cause of more than 290,000 excess deaths among the nation’s Covid-vaccinated population.

Explosive testimonies followed and concerning data was unveiled, provoking unprecedented discussions about the Covid mRNA shots’ role in the deaths, according to a Substack report by Aussie 17.

A substantial portion of the hearings, which lasted over several months, concentrated on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Pandemic Treaty.

Congressman Dan S. Fernandez voiced fears about the binding ramifications of the WHO agreement upon the Philippines.


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