August 25, 2021

Abandoned in Afghanistan – Snap Election

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US Abandons American Citizens in Afghanistan — Tells Them to Go Hide

THOUSANDS of Afghans and foreigners are streaming to Kabul International Airport in Afganistan today as the country falls to the Taliban.

Joe Biden and Democrats allowed Afghanistan to collapse in about two weeks to the international terrorist organization.

And to top it off today the United States abandoned its citizens in Afghanistan.

They told them to go hide.
Not even the airport is safe.

State Department Reiterates Call for ‘Inclusive’ Taliban Government

Apparently, the State Department and President Biden believe a statement from the U.N. will curb the Taliban’s already-launched reinstatement of tyrannical rule over the Afghan people. And they also, apparently, hold out hope that the Taliban — which started the process of setting up an interim government in Kabul after President Ashraf Ghani fled — will respect the rights of women.

Calls to impeach Joe Biden as Afghanistan falls under Taliban rule

CRITICS are calling for President Joe Biden’s impeachment after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan.

Many complaints have focused on the fact that Biden has been missing at Camp David during the Taliban advance.

Trudeau calls for snap election in hopes of winning back voters

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has called a snap election, gambling that voters will reward his administration’s handing of the coronavirus pandemic with a parliamentary majority as he pulls the plug on a two-year minority government.

On Sunday morning, Trudeau met with Governor General Mary Simon to request she dissolve parliament — a request she approved.

Why are Canadians heading to the polls again next month?

In a bid to capitalize on sustained high public support, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called a snap election for 20 September, less than two years since the last national vote. Initial polling suggests that Trudeau’s Liberal Party has a good chance of recapturing the majority in parliament it lost in 2019, though much will depend on how the campaign evolves.

Still, one thing is clear: This is Trudeau’s election to lose. If he is successful in scooping up enough new seats in parliament, that will give the Liberals four more years to execute an agenda that goes big on recovery spending, climate change, and social and health programs. It could prove a risky gamble, however, if he fails. Mikaela McQuade, director at Eurasia Group, explains what to expect.

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau is a failure and the international community knows it

April 18, 2021: Many articles have been written (in Canada and abroad) that highlight the feckless, ignorant, and smug leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In recent years, most Canadians have noticed an arrogance with Trudeau that seems to come from his ‘dealings’ with the CCP and a cast of nefarious European power brokers (like George Soros and Klaus Schwab).

A short history of Justin Trudeau’s scandal-plagued Liberal government

The scandals started early. They’ve kept going. Some involve gifts; others involve lobbying; still others involve forgotten chalets by the finance minister

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