October 1, 2020

BC Election – Throne Speech – Maverick Party

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Horgan says election will create stability, opposition calls it ‘politics at its worst’

Reaction from B.C.’s opposition parties to the writ being dropped was scathing.

Calling the move cynical, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said Horgan was putting politics before people by calling an election during the pandemic.

“For no good reason whatsoever, we’re now being forced into a general election that nobody in British Columbia wants except the NDP,” Wilkinson said Monday.

The NDP also passed legislation providing for fixed election dates, the next slated for October 2021, he added.


Trudeau’s Throne Speech reads like a fairy tale. Can he make it reality?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set out his government’s agenda Wednesday in an exhaustive Speech from the Throne, which outlines the government’s agenda for the future. In it, he vowed to help Canada emerge from the coronavirus pandemic healthier, wealthier and greener.
It was a Throne Speech unlike any other seen in this country, at a critical time for Trudeau’s government. With daily, positive cases of the coronavirus doubling in the last month, Trudeau needs to convince Canadians his government has what it takes to guide them through it.
And Trudeau’s job is on the line. If he can’t get his agenda passed in parliament, his government could fall.


Trudeau’s ‘literally frightening’ spending plan has some Liberals, bureaucrats very worried

One senior public servant described the expensive schedule of social programs coming down as a “structural change in the way government in this country operates.”

The risk for Justin Trudeau and new finance minister Chrystia Freeland is that if they spend too much, too fast, they could estrange blue Liberals worried about economic growth and fiscal discipline. The throne speech details remain unknown to all but a few, but there are enough broad hints to make some Liberal MPs and supporters, not to mention senior public servants, very worried indeed.


Ford deal to build electric cars in Oakville comes amid $500M government cash to upgrade plant

The federal government and Ontario have pledged to spend up to $500 million to make the Ford plant in Oakville, Ont., able to build electric vehicles.

The future of the plant has been a key question for Canada’s automotive industry ever since the Unifor union started negotiating with the automaker for a new three-year pact to cover the company’s Canadian workforce.


Erin O’Toole pledges to privatize CBC English television

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole has pledged to eliminate 50 percent of the CBC’s English-langauge television, with a plan to privatize it over the course of a four-year government.


CBC strays far from its mandate — once again

Of course, CBC is launching a new business division aimed at producing branded stories, podcasts and videos for corporate clients because why wouldn’t they?

The country’s supposedly public broadcaster already competes in every other aspect of the media business, including areas that fall beyond the Crown corporation’s mandate.


Seeking broader appeal, separatist Wexit Canada party changes its name to the Maverick Party

The separatist Wexit Canada party will run under a new name moving forward, interim party leader Jay Hill confirmed Thursday — the Maverick Party.

“[A maverick] is someone who challenges the status quo and believes very strongly in forging ahead and taking a new path,” Hill said in an interview.

“We just thought that it hit perfectly what we’re endeavouring to do with this new political party, in promoting more autonomy for western Canada and, failing that, actually promoting an independent nation.”


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