March 18, 2024

Big Government – 21 times Caught Impaired – Corporate Welfare

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Taxing the rich to cut deficit: Five takeaways from President Biden’s proposed budget

President Joe Biden released a federal budget Monday that carves out new social programs for housing, health care and child care and reduces the deficit by $3 trillion over the next decade by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

Biden’s $7.3 trillion budget for the 2025 fiscal year − a 4.7% increase over the current budget − seeks to boost defense spending by 1% and non-defense discretionary spending by 2.4%.

Why the FEC and the left want to control social media: To silence dissent

The left controls much of the mainstream media in our country; the left controls most of Hollywood; the left controls most of academia, and most of the vast federal bureaucracy. And, like any other power-hungry monstrosity, their lust for control is insatiable and will never extend far enough.


It wasn’t that long ago, just last year actually when we were confronted with the idea of libraries full of Drag Queens with garish, cartoon type makeup, fake boobs rivaling Dolly Parton’s and their man parts strapped up tight, reading, Where the Wild things Are to little children.

We all saw images of gross caricatures of men pretending to be women snuggling up to preschool and elementary age children as their progressive, Liberal parents smiled with approval while the Conservative crowd gasped with horror. It was not just this drag queen initiation of our little children but the agenda that was being pushed by the LGBTQ community. Come on people, who in their RIGHT MIND would think this would be a good idea? There are certainly many other ways of teaching children “tolerance” other than sitting on the lap of a perverted man, who is dressed like a cartoon whore, reading a children’s book.

Drunk driver convicted for impaired driving for the 21st time: Abbotsford police

A man has been charged with impaired driving for the 21st time, receiving a jail sentence of almost five years, according to Abbotsford police.

A Friday release from the Abbotsford Police Department says Roy Heide, 66, was arrested after a motorcycle accident on Clearbrook Road on Aug. 15, 2022 that resulted in serious injuries for the passenger of the motorcycle.

Police say Heide, the driver, attempted to flee the scene but was identified by officers with the assistance of witnesses.

The release says Heide’s blood alcohol content was over two times the legal limit.

Heide pleaded guilty last week to impaired driving, driving while disqualified and driving while prohibited, receiving a sentence of four years and 354 days in jail.

Governments should end corporate welfare this budget season