April 8, 2019

Capitalism and Democracy – Newsom Defies Voters

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Capitalism and Democracy

One immediate problem we face discussing democracy and capitalism is that both terms have different meanings for different people. For some people “capitalism” is synonymous with “corporatism” or “crony capitalism,” which combines nominally private enterprises with a highly interventionist political system—indeed, something like the U.S. system today. Likewise, “democracy” for some is synonymous with social and economic equality. For them, no democracy can exist when some people live in poverty, some cannot read, and others live in mansions or attend Ivy League schools.

For my purposes, however, democracy will be defined simply as “the people rule,” or, more specifically, “majority rule.”


Why Socialism Fails

The analogy of the jockey and the horse explains the continued appeal of socialism. Socialists believe that socialist regimes have chosen the wrong jockeys to ride the socialist horse to its deserved victory. Bad jockeys such as Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot, and Hugo Chavez chose tactics and policies that led their socialist horse astray. But actually, a look at how the Soviet Union actually worked reveals that it’s the horse itself that’s the problem.


Thanks, Gov. Cuomo, but no thanks. Journalists don’t want assault protection.

Distancing himself from a president who’s made insulting the news media a personal pastime, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to make it a felony to assault a working journalist.

The sentiment is appreciated. But this reporter will take a pass.

Adding journalists to the growing list of occupations in New York with similar protective status, including police, firefighters, paramedics, judges, nurses, utility workers, train conductors, bus drivers, sanitation workers and process servers, is a slippery slope.

There’s no end to the number of jobs that prompt visceral reactions from some segment of society. Why not debt collectors, defense attorneys, parking enforcement officers and artists? Are we to upgrade misdemeanor assault to a felony for all of them?

But a better reason to reject the governor’s proposal is that the constitutional guarantee of a free press extends to all people. Professional journalists don’t deserve special treatment, and no self-respecting one wants it.


Newsom Defies Voters on Capital Punishment

California Gov. to Go Against Voters, Institute Death Penalty Moratorium

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D., Calif.) will on Wednesday announce a moratorium on his state’s death penalty, placing an indefinite pause on executions on the largest death row in the United States.

The move is widely seen by both supporters and proponents as of major importance in a national campaign to abolish the death penalty, the New York Times reported. It comes as some 20 men currently on the state’s death row have finally exhausted their opportunities for appeal, which is what prompted Newsom to act.


Cornwall MP ridiculed over knife GPS tweet

An MP has been ridiculed on social media after he suggested all knives should be fitted with GPS trackers.

Scott Mann, Conservative MP for North Cornwall, said on Twitter there should be a national database “like we do with guns”.

His tweet has attracted more than 3,600 comments, with some saying Mr Mann was “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”.


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