March 20, 2019

Concealed Carry Saves Lives – Arm Teachers

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Armed Ohio Resident Faces Two Alleged Home Invaders, Shoots One

If you have a concern about being face-to-face with a criminal, you need a gun.

That reality smacked an Ohio homeowner right in the face when he confronted two alleged burglars Sunday.

Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club

It’s long been argued that the solution to preventing mass shootings is the presence of more guns. There’s a reason people like me want armed teachers in our schools, for example.

However, others think having more guns means having more problems.

Tell that to all the people who weren’t shot at Club 3208 in Huntsville, Alabama just before the new year.

Resident Shoots, Kills 2 Home Invaders

The shooting happened on West Court, just off U.S. 1 between Titusville and Mims.

Deputies say a man and a woman were inside the home when two men broke in. At least one of the two was armed, Sheriff’s officials said.

The male resident of the home then grabbed a gun and shot both of the men.

10 Reasons Teachers should be Armed with Guns

Even without school shooters, there are various reasons that teacher should be armed. High school teachers in rough neighborhoods face violent kids, at times.
The majority of teachers are women, meaning that they are more in danger of suffering an assault coming to and from work. Arming teachers offers a new level of security that should be embraced by the public.

These schools say arming teachers ‘can be done right’

State laws related to guns in schools vary by state and although many only apply to college campuses, some states give teachers with concealed carry permits the ability to have guns on the grounds of K-12 schools, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
Here’s a look at some of the states where teachers and other school staff are willing to carry their weapons.

A year into revival efforts, Packard Plant cleans up

Detroit — It’s been nearly a year since the owner of the Packard Plant publicly kicked off the first phase of a $300 million-plus renovation plan of the sprawling 40-acre property.

In that time, $4 million has been spent on pre-development and clean-up, with more than 14,000 yards of debris hauled away from the lower east side plant that sat mostly vacant for decades, according to Kari Smith, director of development for the project through site owner Arte Express Detroit. There are plans for a brewery to open next year, and more than 1,000 people have taken tours to get a look at the site.

Rising Detroit property values signal reinvention is for real

Evidence keeps mounting that Detroit’s reinvention is for real.

Just a few years removed from roughly two decades of flat-lining values, residential property values are up 12 percent city-wide, a move that not too long ago would been national news. Instead, it’s just another metric charting the revival of arguably the hottest city in America, the place most of the country gave up for dead.

Sorry to disappoint, folks: we’re still here — a model for resilience, for the fruits of both bipartisanship and partnership, for business, political and foundation leaders coalescing around a common vision to revive downtown and the neighborhoods, for aspiring to go from worst to first and all that implies.

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