July 27, 2020

Corrupt Trudeau Government

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau faces serious pay-for-play scandal involving his mom and brother

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly faces his own quid pro quo accusations, although in his case, the accusations appear to actually be legitimate.

The accusations concern the Toronto-based WE Charity, which was awarded a nearly $1 billion contract by the Trudeau administration last month on the basis that it was the only organization that was “capable” providing what the administration needed.


TRUDEAU: Another Empty Suit Who Is As Corrupt and Lawless as Obama

Justin Trudeau is in trouble — big trouble. But who could ever have guessed that the media darling and international poster-boy for progressivism was actually just another snake in the grass?

Trudeau is facing explosive allegations that he pressured Canada’s ex-attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to drop a bribery probe into Quebec-based firm SNC Lavalin (details here). Wilson-Raybould testified that officials, including Trudeau himself, “barraged” her with demands and “veiled threats” to drop criminal charges and said she believes her refusal to comply explains her abrupt demotion. If the allegations are true, this is bare-faced corruption. But Canada’s swoon-worthy (apparently) prime minister is dismissing calls for his resignation.


Ethics, Paul Martin and the circle of CSL

The controversy over Prime Minister Paul Martin and his former CSL (Canada Steamship Lines) Group is in fact several controversies.

The first is that he is in a bind over Stelco, the steel company that has filed for protection from its creditors. When Mr. Martin was finance minister, he removed himself from discussions concerning CSL and the shipping company’s clients, such as Stelco. He did so even though he had placed CSL and his other holdings in a semi-blind trust. (It was later revealed that he received periodic strategic briefings from Howard Wilson, Mr. Chrétien’s ethics counsellor.)


MORNEAU SHOULD RESIGN: Trudeau should follow: Lilley


‘Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau fired him?’: Tories demand Morneau resign over WE scandal

The Conservatives renewed their call for Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s resignation Thursday, a day after he revealed he had recently repaid over $41,000 in travel charges to WE Charity.

“Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau fired him?” Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre asked at a Thursday media conference. “Bill Morneau has been hiding this secret for years.”


Trudeau Caught In Massive Lie, Huge Government Contract Went To WE’s Real Estate Holding Company, Not WE Charity

The Liberal government put out false information in official documents, lying to all Canadians and suppressing the truth.

If the Liberals thought the WE Charity Scandal had gotten as bad as it could get, they were dead wrong.

It has gotten much worse.

Justin Trudeau – and the entire Liberal government – have been caught in a massive lie.

In official documents and statements put out to the public, Trudeau and the government said they were giving the nearly $1 billion contract to the WE Charity.


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