December 17, 2020

Covid Alert – Trudeau Family Fees Cover-up

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California Rolls Out a Virus Exposure Alert Tool. Here’s How It Works

California is rolling out a voluntary smartphone tool designed to alert people if they have spent time near someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.

The rollout of CA Notify on Thursday comes as the nation’s most populous state grapples with rising cases and hospitalizations nine months after it became the first state to introduce sweeping restrictions due to the pandemic. More than 80 percent of the state’s residents are under orders not to leave their homes for at least the next three weeks except for essential purposes.

Many residents will get a notification Thursday inviting them to participate. The more phones in the system, the better the system will work.

Speakers’ Spotlight threatened after being caught up in WE affair: co-founder

A small business that used to book speaking engagements for Justin Trudeau and his family has been caught in the partisan crossfire over the WE Charity affair.

Martin Perelmuter, who co-founded Speakers’ Spotlight 25 years ago with his wife, Farah, says his company has been harassed and its employees intimidated and threatened since August.

That’s when Conservative MPs began publicly calling on the company to disclose speaking fees earned over the past 12 years by the prime minister, his wife, mother and brother — even though that would have contravened privacy laws.

In one Facebook post, which is still online, deputy Conservative leader Candice Bergen provided the company’s toll-free phone number and urged people to call to press the point.

Ever since, Perelmuter said Monday, his company has faced harassment, personal threats and a social media campaign he described as designed to discredit him and his wife and damage the reputation of their company, which was already struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trudeau Says He Sees No Path For Basic Income Right Now

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared his thoughts about a universal basic income during a virtual town hall Wednesday, saying it’s an idea worth discussing but one the government isn’t itching to move ahead on.

The NDP have advocated the idea of basic income in the House of Commons during the pandemic, calling it a tool that could help eliminate poverty by ensuring Canadians have enough money to meet the basic necessities of life in food, clothing, and shelter.

New York’s Murder Rate Is Up. Way Up.

The New York Post’s Nicole Gelinas reports that after decades of Big Apple violent crime declining and staying flat, it’s going the wrong way fast.

Over the month ­until June 7 — including the crucial Memorial Day weekend — New York’s murder rate more than doubled, to 42 murders, from 18 the year before — a jolt of 133 percent. Shooting victims, including wounded, are up 45 percent. Stabbings are up, too.

To be clear: Going back to the early ’90s, New York has never seen a sustained increase of this magnitude. Nothing close: The nearest spike in the early summer month was a short-lived 63 percent hike in 2006, just half ­today’s increase. And that ­increase did portend an 11 percent murder hike for all of 2006, the second-highest in three decades.

This isn’t an aberration coming off a good spring. For the year, murder is up 25 percent. If these rates hold, New York would end 2020 with an increase in murders twice as high as we’ve seen since 1990.

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