June 13, 2020

D-Day Remembered – Peter Mackay

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D-Day, June 6, 1944

May 1944 had been chosen at the conference in Washington in May 1943 as the time for the invasion. Difficulties in assembling landing craft forced a postponement until June, but June 5 was fixed as the unalterable date by Eisenhower on May 17. As the day approached and troops began to embark for the crossing, bad weather set in, threatening dangerous landing conditions. After tense debate, Eisenhower and his subordinates decided on a 24-hour delay, requiring the recall of some ships already at sea. Eventually, on the morning of June 5, Eisenhower, assured by chief meteorologist James Martin Stagg of a break in the weather, announced, “O.K. We’ll go.” Within hours an armada of 3,000 landing craft, 2,500 other ships, and 500 naval vessels—escorts and bombardment ships—began to leave English ports. That night 822 aircraft, carrying parachutists or towing gliders, roared overhead to the Normandy landing zones. They were a fraction of the air armada of 13,000 aircraft that would support D-Day.


Joe Biden says 10-15 percent of Americans are ‘just not very good people’

Joe Biden told supporters during a virtual town hall Thursday that the US is an overwhelmingly “decent” nation — but added that there are “10 to 15 percent of the people out there” who are “just not very good people,” according to reports.

“The words a president says matter. So when the president stands up and divides people all the time, you’re going to get the worst of us to come out. The worst in us all to come out,” Biden said during the event with Young Americans hosted by actor Don Cheadle, ABC News reported.


Whoop de do, here comes Peter MacKay

Cheer up, Conservatives! Six-time sexiest Member of Parliament Peter MacKay has emerged from the wilderness of Toronto’s Beaches to save you from yourselves. Oh, he’s not interested in the leadership, mind you. Not unless it’s vacant, that is. And he totally supports the guy who is filling that vacancy now, though MacKay thinks Andrew Scheer blew last month’s election in the manner of “having a breakaway on an open net and missing the net.” And did you hear him describe abortion and same sex marriage as a “stinking albatross” around Scheer’s neck?

Bazinga. And shame on those of us who thought MacKay only understood rugby.


Parliamentary immunity

The rights, privileges and immunities of individual Members of the House are finite, that is to say, they can be enumerated but not extended except by statute or, in some cases, by constitutional amendment. Moreover, privilege does not exist “at large” but applies only in context, which usually means within the confines of the Parliamentary Precinct and a “proceeding in Parliament”.

The rights, privileges and immunities of individual Members of the House may be categorized as follows:

* freedom of speech;

* freedom from arrest in civil actions;

* exemption from jury duty;

* exemption from being subpoenaed to attend court as a witness; and

* freedom from obstruction, interference, intimidation and molestation.


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