August 27, 2020

Demented Democrats – Goodyear Tires

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Party Of Stacey Abrams Claims Trump Won’t Leave Presidency If Voted Out Of Office

The left loves conspiracies about President Trump, as shown through the extended Russiagate hoax that was taken seriously for years. Once impeachment hearings proved how flimsy the well-propagated idea actually was, Democrats moved onto a new theory: that Trump will refuse to leave the White House or give up the presidency should Joe Biden win in November.

Hillary says, “Joe Biden must not concede under any circumstances”

Democrats keep accusing Republicans of doing what they are doing. As they try to steal the election with constant lawsuits to weaken voting requirements, they accuse Republicans of trying to steal the vote. The Democrat minions even have one lawsuit to abandon signatures on absentee ballots.

At the beginning of the clip, Hillary says Democrats need a massive “legal operation” that Biden is working on. Then she says he should never concede.

“Joe Biden must not concede under any circumstances,” says Hillary because Republicans are going to steal the election.

Kentucky Mayor to Stop Using Goodyear Tires for Police, Fire, and Emergency Vehicles Over Their Anti-Cop Stances

The mayor of Coal Run, Kentucky, has told Gateway Pundit that he will no longer be using Goodyear tires for police, fire, and emergency vehicles in his town over their anti-police policies.

On Tuesday, a photo from Goodyear’s diversity training seminar in Kansas leaked, revealing that they have a “zero tolerance” policy for “Make America Great Again,” “All Lives Matter,” and “Blue Lives Matter” slogans being worn by their employees. Yet, they allow them to wear support for “Black Lives Matter” and LGBTQ causes.

Mainstream Media Ignores Story of White Teenage Girl’s Murder, As They Always Seem To Do When the Suspects Are Black

The brutal murder of 17-year-old Veronica Lee Baker in North Carolina has become another shocking crime ignored by the national media because the victim was white and the people involved in her murder are black.

While some may argue this is a local crime that should only be covered by local news, the media reports on every slight and insult by a white person against a person of color, see the cases of Amy Cooper or the Covington kids for a couple of examples.

John Kerry Warns of Revolution if Trump Re-Elected

Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry warned of revolution if President Trump is reelected and voters believe the election was not fair. Kerry made the remarks Friday morning in a virtual Copenhagen Democracy Summit appearance with former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who was also the former prime minister of Denmark and Australian reporter Ryan Heath with Politico.

What a Second American Civil War Could Look Like

I fear that there is a looming civil war on the horizon. It is not yet inevitable, but all true American patriots must be prepared for the coming battle. And the costs in blood will be heavy. This war will not be fought like the American Revolution or the Civil War of 1861-65, where disciplined armies observed the laws of war and respected civilian lives.

Democrats Seek Civil War, But Will Get Revolution

Democrats conspired with foreign agents, lied, cheated, and denied due process to Donald Trump. If they were willing to do that to a duly elected president in order to obtain power, what should Americans expect them to do to them should they refuse attempts to be disarmed?

Democrats understand that an armed America can say, “No!” And they can’t have that. If they want to radically change the America extant for more than two centuries, they need to first disarm Americans. And they realize asking nicely is not going to accomplish this.

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