September 14, 2021

Democrat Controlled Chaos – Mandatory Buyback

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6 Killed, 62 Wounded In Chicago Weekend Gun Violence

At least 62 people have been shot so far this weekend in Chicago, and six of them have died.
Eleven of the victims so far have been children under age 18.
Southbound Bishop Ford Freeway Ramp To 130th Street Shut Down For Shooting Investigation
Early Monday morning, a 16-year-old boy was shot while walking his dog in the South Austin neighborhood.
Police said the shooting took place in the first block of South Leamington Avenue around 12:25 a.m. A driver got out of his car, approached the 16-year-old and shot him.

A Crisis Of Violence In Chicago: Looking At Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Record On Crime

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s promises to reduce gun violence swept her into office with an overwhelming 2019 win. After a violent weekend with 73 people shot, 10 of whom were killed, Lightfoot has declined to ask for help from the Illinois National Guard. But she has eagerly accepted help from the Department of Justice. They are decisions that help shape a playbook to thwart what the mayor herself calls a crisis of violence in Chicago.

New Analysis: Did Trump Actually Win California? Benford’s Law Says Yes

There are many states whose official results in the 2020 presidential election are still being questioned.

Of course, there’s Arizona.

Arizona has been in the middle of a true forensic audit of Maricopa county.

States like Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are potentially going to follow in Arizona’s footsteps.

And now another state could be entering the spotlight of irregular 2020 election results: California.

When will we know the outcome of the Gavin Newsom recall election in California?

More than 7 million ballots in the Gavin Newsom recall election have already been received by California elections officials ahead of the Sept. 14 election date.

Oregon governor signs bill ending reading and math proficiency requirements for graduation

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown privately signed a bill last month ending the requirement for high school students to prove proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic before graduation.

Trudeau’s Toxic Gun Ban: No Buy-in to the “Buyback”

There is new evidence of problems with the implementation of the “assault weapons” ban imposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 1, 2020.

Readers will recall that under the Liberal Government’s scheme, over 1,500 firearms and devices listed in a government regulation immediately became a “prohibited” firearm or “prohibited device,” as did “any variants or modified versions.” Individuals in legal possession of these newly prohibited firearms or devices on the day the regulations were announced are protected from criminal liability arising from their possession or ownership, but this “amnesty” period ends on April 30, 2022.

Unhinged Self-Hating ‘Professor’ Says White People Should Kill Themselves As ‘Ethical Act’

Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University Derek Hook, defends the quote “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act” as an “opportunity” to “castrate whiteness”.

This is part of an “anti-racist” discussion on “nice white therapists” held by AAPCSW.

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