May 12, 2020

Dictator Wannabes – Trudeau Globalist Spending

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America, with coronavirus, gets a taste of socialism

Socialism-loving millennials, look and take note: The clearing of store shelves, the closing of retail, the shuttering of restaurants and nightclubs and bars — these are the outcomes of mass response to the global pandemic called coronavirus.

But they’re also what befalls when socialism takes over.

The current store runs across America in the quest for toilet paper and bottled water aren’t symptoms of a free market. They’re panic buys, made in reaction to nonstop contextually devoid media coverage about the “deadly” coronavirus; to quarantines and quarantine requirements; to announcements of school closings and business shutdowns that keep stretching and expanding; to government advisements and press conferences that keep changing in tone and content; and, most importantly, to the overall unaccustomed atmosphere of fear that grows upon seeing store shelves in America cleared of items such as toilet paper and bottled water.

Coronavirus Creates an Opening for Progressivism — Also Barbarism

We were in crisis before this crisis. When a novel strain of coronavirus made its presence felt in Wuhan in December, global carbon emissions were hitting record highs. The world’s largest democracy was descending into a kind of fascism, as the world’s most populous nation condemned its Muslim minority to internment camps. A quarter of humanity faced looming water shortages, while hedge funds sought to corner the market on “the oil of the 21st century.” Throughout the West, the labor movements that had once cultivated egalitarian alternatives to ethno-nationalism were declining, while gross wealth inequalities were annually compounding the capacity of billionaires to dominate putatively democratic societies and governments. Progressives are ostensibly defined by their faith in the possibility of social progress. But as of late last year, it was hard for many on the left to look into the future and see a world that wasn’t nasty, brutish, and hot.

De Blasio gets testy over his Prospect Park jaunts during coronavirus

Mayor Bill de Blasio insisted that even during the coronavirus pandemic, he opts to exercise in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park — 12 miles from Gracie Mansion — in order to remain an effective leader.

“I go get my exercise like everyone else,” the mayor said on NY1’s “Inside City Hall.”

“I go to my home neighborhood. It’s part of what helps me just continue to work nonstop,” he said. “I’m on conference calls pretty much the whole time.”

Trudeau under fire for Easter trip despite urging Canadians to ‘sacrifice’ plans

Despite repeatedly urging Canadians to stay home for Easter amid the coronavirus pandemic, even if it meant not seeing their families, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending the decision to go see his.

The pandemic forced Canadians across the country to abandon hopes of travel to see loved ones and also came amid warnings from public officials for people not to travel to cottages unless that is already their primary residence — and really, just not to leave their homes at all.

Canada’s Newspapers Want Google, Facebook to Pay For Content

Canada’s newspapers are asking the federal government to follow France and Australia in forcing companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook, Inc. to pay to display their news content.

Financially struggling newspapers to get federal money within weeks, heritage minister says

Federal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says he expects money from an emergency COVID-19 general business wage subsidy program to start flowing within weeks to Canada’s beleaguered newspaper industry.

Critics say this financial lifeline may come too late, however, to save the pandemic crisis-accelerated loss of newspapers and media jobs — specifically, because a $595-million financial-assistance program first announced 18 months ago has yet to provide any money to increasingly desperate newspaper publishers.

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