December 17, 2020

Do Not Prosecute – Wildrose Party and Wexit

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Here’s a list of crimes on LA’s new DA’s do-not-prosecute list

George Gascon, Los Angeles County’s new head prosecutor, unveiled an agenda Monday that will usher in changes to the local criminal justice system by his refusal to prosecute certain crimes on top of other sweeping changes.

Gascon, a former San Francisco District Attorney and former Los Angeles police officer, announced in a series of policy directives that many misdemeanor cases will be dismissed, saying that nearly half of those incarcerated on pre-trial misdemeanor offenses suffer from mental illness.

“Los Angeles County courts should not be revolving doors for those in need of treatment and services,” one directive said.

SoCal restaurant owners defy orders to close despite regional stay-at-home order

Southern California restaurants are forced again to put a halt to in-person dining, but several are defying the region’s state orders, with owners saying they’ll go out of business if they follow the new rules.

Diego Rose, owner of Marla’s Cocina and Catina in Beaumont, says his restaurant will be open despite a regional stay-at-home order that limits restaurants to only takeout and delivery.

“It’s going to be business as usual for us, we’ve always been afforded the luxury to have the space to socially distance people,” Rose says.

Rose says they try to sit most people in a part of the restaurant with roll-up doors, that he calls an outdoor patio.

New Party is Formed

Freedom Conservative Party members have overwhelmingly voted yes to merge with WEXIT Alberta to form the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

The FCP Constitution had a high level of member support required to merge the party – 75%. But the members were so in favour of this change that we met that high standard.

They have given the new party a clear mandate to keep on their mission of bringing all the parties that are interested in increasing Alberta Independence under one banner to work together.

The door is still open for other parties to merge with us as well, as part of the vote was to allow for extra board seats for new members. It isn’t too late for other Independence and Libertarian minded parties to join forces, prevent vote splitting, and have all our resources moving together instead of against each other.

Thank you, FCP members! We are dedicated to fighting to get Alberta exactly as much Independence as the majority of Albertans want us to have!

Please join us in welcoming the following FCP and WEXIT board members who are now forming the united Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta interim board:

Paul Hinman is back, again, maybe! Former Wildrose leader to lead new Wildrose separatist party.

Alberta’s oldest newly rebranded separatist party has a new interim leader, maybe.
A now deleted tweet from the newly renamed Wildrose Independence Party announced that former Wildrose Alliance leader Paul Hinman is the new interim leader of the party. Unless the party’s account was hacked, it would appear that Hinman is launching another attempt at a political comeback.

Should Western Canada SEPARATE To Cut Off Trudeau’s “Great Reset” Takeover?

Cultural Action Party do not deny that we spend the best part of our time predicting doom and gloom regarding the destiny of Canada. On the positive side, at least we express an opinion on where society is heading. Astute observers would do well to notice this is something that is never indulged by establishment media in Canada.

Western Separation–Some Benefits:

First and foremost, Justin Trudeau is no longer prime minister. Is this not the greatest joy since the invention of sliced bread? It is for CAP, as well as millions of Canadians who recognize the malevolency of our ruling government toward Western Canada, and its citizens.

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