January 26, 2024

Elected Incompetence – New York Illegals

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Why Democracy Produces Incompetent Leaders – And How to Fix it

Democracy doesn’t work. Plato thought it was a terrible system, a prelude to tyranny, giving power to selfish and dangerous demagogues. Watching what is happening these days in democracies around the world, it’s hard to disagree with Plato. Democracy appears to produce an abundance of incompetent and dishonest political leaders, who exploit people’s credulity and prejudices and thrive on emotion-driven discourse and fake news. This Impakter essay looks at the problems and proposes an easy fix – if only we had the courage to implement it.


Incompetence of Trudeau Liberals is on full display

The Trudeau Liberals appear to be trying hard to make themselves out to be the most incompetent government in Canadian history. It seems that this is a government where memos are drafted, reports are written and nobody in charge reads them or is briefed.


Psychology Explains Why We Put Incompetent People In Power

If you keep up with politics or the news, you will have seen this scene play out in those spheres or in your personal life:

Someone who has little knowledge of a subject claims to know a lot about it. In fact, that person might be boasting about being an expert in this area.

And yet their claims can be easily dismantled based upon how they answer next. That or who they are as a person makes it obvious they’re lying.

There is a psychological phenomenon named after that called the Dunning-Kruger effect. It’s not a disease, syndrome or mental illness. It is something that everyone has to some extent and is part of human cognition.


Trump 14th Amendment ballot eligibility challenger arrested on federal tax fraud charges

ohn Anthony Castro, a long-shot Republican presidential candidate vying to have former President Trump removed from the ballot over the 14th Amendment insurrection clause, was arrested on federal tax fraud charges Tuesday – a day after a federal judge in Nevada threw out one of his lawsuits aiming to bar Trump from running.


Adams floats idea of New Yorkers housing migrants in ‘private residences’

Any spare rooms at Gracie Mansion?


NYC Mayor Eric Adams defends housing migrants at high school amid backlash

New York City Mayor Eric Adams defended temporarily housing migrants in a Brooklyn high school ahead of a winter storm this week, amid backlash over the administration’s handling of the migrant crisis.