November 18, 2020

Election Fraud and Chaos

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Fox News Gets Pummeled in the Ratings…MSNBC and CNN Beat Them Badly

Fox News has bitten the hand that feeds them one too many times and now they’re paying the price
“FoxNews has lost over 200,000 Facebook followers, that’s an astounding amount when you consider that’s *manual* unlikes from real people, not just the usual falloff all big pages have.”

FoxNews has lost over 200,000 Facebook followers, that’s an astounding amount when you consider that’s *manual* unlikes from real people, not just the usual falloff all big pages have.

— Cerno (@Cernovich) November 10, 2020

Fox News thinks they’re too big to fall.

Dominion Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and SECURITY Eric Coomer Admitted in 2016 Vendors and Election Officials Have Access to Manipulate the Vote

Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems at Dominion Voting Systems.

But if you search the company’s profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors.

How Democrats Win: Signature Fraud in Nevada: Verification System “Basically Turned Off”

Earlier this week former Nevada state Attorney General Adam Laxalt told reporters the signature verification system in Nevada during the counting of ballots was essentially turned off.
This was on purpose.

Former Attorney General of #Nevada @AdamLaxalt: No humans verified any machine signature matches in Nevada

— Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) (@TeamTrump) November 8, 2020

Outsiders with USBs and VCards Were Allowed in Pennsylvania Counting Areas with No Observers Present

An IT specialist reached out to the Gateway Pundit and provided more evidence regarding the weak and non-existent system controls in place in the Dominion voting machines and applications. These machines never should have been used in a Presidential election.

One IT system expert told us that he never would have approved the Dominion system for use. It is that bad. Another IT expert provided a review of Dominion based on a vendor user guide he obtained.

Alan Dershowitz: ‘I Do Think that Trump Will Win the Pennsylvania Lawsuit’ if Enough Votes at Stake

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, host of The Dershow, told Breitbart News on Thursday that President Donald Trump is likely to win a lawsuit his campaign filed in Pennsylvania challenging the legitimacy of mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

Dershowitz predicted that the U.S. Supreme Court would take up the Trump campaign’s lawsuit if the number of votes being challenged are enough to change the outcome of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Judge Sides With Trump Campaign, Throwing Out Ballots Missing ID Deadline

The Trump Campaign claimed a victory in a Pennsylvania court on Thursday after a judge ruled that ballots still requiring proof of identification beyond six days post-election as outlined in Pennsylvania law should not be counted in the official state vote tally.

While Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar submitted guidance just days before Nov. 3 that reportedly allowed voters missing proof of identification to cure their mail-in ballots until Nov. 12, the judge agreed with Trump Campaign and the Republican National Committee’s argument that Boockvar did not have the ability to authorize a change in the identification deadline because state law did not permit it.

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