October 16, 2020

Fake Polls Fake News – Amy Coney Barrett

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Joe Biden buoyed by fake polls, false reporting

NBC News just ran with a hilariously revealing headline about the sagging, subpar quality of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for the White House that went like this: “Biden is far less unpopular than Hillary Clinton was four years ago, polling shows.”

Make way for the Biden 2020 bumper stickers — “Vote for Me, I’m Not Hillary.”

Let’s remember, that’s after Hillary ran an equally subpar campaign for the White House in 2016 that went like this: “Vote for Me, I’m Not Donald Trump.”


Fake polls destroy media credibility

The purveyors of fake news at CNN are convinced, just as they were four years ago, that they have this presidential election in the bag. Donald Trump is done, and Joe Biden is headed for a landslide, just like Hillary Clinton was.

At this point, they have zero credibility left.

As before, CNN’s confidence is severely misplaced — and we’re going to prove it. The best evidence they can present are polls that suffer from exactly the same flaws as the ones that indicated a landslide victory for Clinton in 2016.


8 Reasons Trump Wins in a Super-Landslide

Everyone who is saying Joe Biden will win the 2020 election or President Trump will barely scrape by do not know what they are talking about. Trump will win in a super-landslide. Trump will get 370 Electoral College votes and win the popular vote by at least 3%. He will win Blacks by 20+% and Hispanics by 40+%.


Stony Brook Professor: Trump Will Be Re-elected In Landslide

Helmut Norpoth, who’s correctly predicted five of the past six elections, gives President Trump a 91 percent chance of winning re-election.

President Donald Trump will defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in a landslide in the Nov. 3 election, says Stony Brook University professor and political scientist Helmut Norpoth.

Not only did Norpoth correctly predict Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton in 2016, but he has correctly called five of the past six presidential elections using his “primary model,” a statistical representation of U.S. presidential races based on data going back more than a century, according to the university.


Kansas Senate candidate on gun confiscation: “…in Australia…they have no guns…It’s this amazing thing!”

During a recent campaign event, Kansas Democrat Senate nominee Barbara Bollier was not shy about praising the likes of Australia’s ban on firearms. Using phrases like it’s “amazing” and that the country is “pretty darn safe” because people cannot use guns as a means of protection.

That’s certainly a not-so-comforting sentiment being romanticized by someone trying to land a seat in the American Senate.

Vote her out. Kansas Democrat Senate Nominee Barbara Bollier Praises Australian-Style Gun Confiscation: ‘It’s This Amazing Thing’ https://t.co/8fOX8dWWxs

— BossMan (@SemiAutoGuy) October 13, 2020


Grandstanding Democrats fail to dent Amy Coney Barrett’s support

Senators divided along predictable partisan lines in the first day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination hearings as grandstanding Democrats failed to make any dent in Barrett’s support.

Opponents of Barrett — aware they face a nearly impossible job of derailing the nomination — instead tried to turn the Judiciary Committee hearings into a scripted attack on Republicans, President Trump, the “illegitimate” hearings and allege that Barrett would pull the plug on Americans’ health care — all while a mask-clad Barrett watched calmly.


Democrats Trash Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith, Slam Her Because She’s a Christian

From her adopted children to her choice to live with Christian friends during law school, leftists are sinking to new lows in their efforts to attack U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.


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