November 20, 2023

Free Stuff – Girl Guides Drop God – Transforming Canada

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Democrats — the party of ‘free stuff’

Democrats tout polls showing public support for their $3.5 trillion social spending and tax hike bill, which critics (in horror) and supporters (gleefully) say will transform the American way of life.

Qinnipiac in late July found 62% supported and 32% opposed what its survey described as a “spending bill on social programs such as childcare, education, family breaks, and expanding Medicare for seniors.” A Monmouth poll painted the bill in equally rosy colors and discovered 63% support, 35% opposed. To which one can only smile ironically and wonder if the pollsters thought of mentioning mom and apple pie.

The Economics of “Free Stuff”

The perennial promises of free stuff from political candidates are front and center again now that we are ensnared in another US election cycle. The knee-jerk response from some economists and libertarians is “TANSTAAFL!” And of course it’s true that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, because somebody must bear the costs of the supposedly “free” stuff. Nothing is free because every action has an opportunity cost.

Girl Guides of Canada won’t participate in Santa Claus parade because the event is too religious

Due to the Girl Guides of Canada’s (GGC) secularism policy, the young ladies in the Ottawa area will not be allowed to participate in this year’s Santa Claus parade.

The ‘Brownies’ are no more. Why Girl Guides of Canada is changing the name

The Brownies are getting a new name.

Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) informed volunteers Tuesday morning that the organization will be changing the name of the branch that involves seven- and eight-year-old girls, saying they are striving to be more inclusive.

Canada’s population grew by record 1 million in 2022, spurred by international migration

Canada’s population increased by more than a million people for the first time in history in 2022, almost entirely due to a surge in immigrants and temporary residents, Statistics Canada said on Wednesday.

Total population grew by a record 1.05 million people to 39.57 million in the 12 months to Jan. 1, 2023, and about 96 per cent of the rise was due to international migration, the statistics agency said.

Trudeau Rolls Out Agenda Transforming White Canadians To MINORITY Community

A new decade is upon us. In typical fashion, mainstream media are informing Canadians about what will transpire within society over the coming decade.

One piece conveniently neglected by CBC and the rest goes like this:

The Trudeau government have unrolled two new immigration programs which will accelerate the transformation of Anglophone Canada to a minority community in due time–as in, faster than anyone would otherwise imagine it.