October 27, 2023

Friday News And Views with Attitude

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Why People Like to Gossip

Gossip differs from the human tendency to talk about other people in that gossip focuses on negative information.
Gossiping gives people a sense of power. Research demonstrates that gossip is emotionally rewarding.
Most people agree: Saying negative things about others is OK, but do not say anything bad about me.

People like to gossip. Gossip is information shared about an absent third party. Gossip differs from the human tendency to talk about other people in that gossip tends to focus on negative information to demean the target. If the information being talked about were positive, it would be labeled praise or envy.


Chinese elite have paid some $31 million to Hunter and the Bidens

For those wondering why Joe Biden is soft on China, consider this never-before-reported revelation: The Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Indeed, every known deal that the Biden family enjoyed with Beijing was reached courtesy of individuals with spy ties. And Joe Biden personally benefited from his family’s foreign deals.

What are these deals? And who are the individuals who made them happen for the Bidens?

Here, then, are a few key facts about the Biden family’s $5 million-plus deals with individuals in bed with Chinese intelligence.


Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni leaves partner following a nearly decade long relationship

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni announced Friday that she is separating from her partner and the father of her young daughter after nearly a decade together.

In a statement posted on social media, Meloni said her relationship with Andrea Giambruno had ended. She said their paths had diverged “for some time.” The announcement came after Giambruno, an on-air television personality, was caught on audio seemingly making lewd remarks to colleagues.


Trump to Present Classified Information of Foreign Interference in 2016 and 2020 Elections at January 6th Indictment Trial

Former President Donald Trump’s defense team filed a new motion on Thursday indicating that the former president will present classified information exposing foreign interference in both the 2016 and 2020 U.S. Presidential elections.

This move comes amidst a contentious legal battle by Judge Tanya Chutkan and led by Special Counsel Jack Smith.