June 23, 2021

G7 Hypocrites – Good Guys vs Bad

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One rule for them… World leaders are accused of ‘double standards’ after ignoring social-distancing to hug and back slap during G7 summit

U.S. President Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and other world leaders have been accused of breaking strict social distancing rules at the G7 summit in Cornwall over the weekend.

On Friday, delegates posed for a socially-distanced official group shot but other images revealed much more relaxed scenes.

At a beach barbecue on Saturday guests were served sirloin steak and lobster while being entertained by a sea shanty group and a Red Arrows flypast.

Many on social media pointed out the lack of social distancing at the event, including ITV’s Robert Peston who shared two photos of maskless leaders chatting in close proximity on the beach.


Imagine an America Where All the Good Guys Had Guns

Did you hear about the Indiana man who was shot and killed by a good guy with a gun after attempting to kill multiple people in broad daylight during a deranged rampage that started in Brownsburg Cemetery on Thursday, July 16th, 2020? Probably not.

Joshua Hayes chased down Seth Robertson and killed him in the street. According to police, the motive was unknown. He then turned his attention to Robertson’s friend and chased him through a residential neighborhood while shooting at him. Hayes caught up with his victim and a physical altercation ensued. As Hayes had his gun pointed at the head of the second victim, a good guy with a gun reminded Hayes of his “manners” and ended his deadly rampage. How many more people would Hayes have killed that day had he not been stopped? The good news is, we will never know, because a good gun was close by.


Trump boasts that he’s ‘writing like crazy’ and working on ‘the book of all books

Former President Donald Trump on Friday announced a new personal project he’s working on: a book.
“I’m writing like crazy,” Trump said in a statement released through his leadership PAC, “and when the time comes, you’ll see the book of all books.”


Green Leader Annamie Paul blasts ‘racist,’ ‘sexist’ party execs who sought ouster

Annamie Paul is firing back against the coterie of party executives who sought to oust her as head of the Greens, calling them out for “racist” and “sexist” accusations as she seeks to defend her leadership and affirm her authority within a divided party.

The defiant words at a news conference Wednesday came after Paul survived another day of party strife when a move to push her out shifted course on Tuesday night, leaving her with a tenuous grip on power ahead of a likely federal election this year.



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