March 4, 2019

Gender Social Engineering – White Privilege

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The elite’s social engineering endgame: A battle between the sexes where humanity loses

When it comes to human evolution in terms of gender relations in the twenty-first century, it seems we are witnessing an unprecedented backslide into the dark ages. There are no winners in the battle between the sexes, only losers. Violence against women is actually on the rise. As empowered women have slowly gained progress in women’s rights, insecure men around the globe have increasingly felt threatened and, as a consequence, have acted out more violently against women. But then on the other hand, the frequency of violence against men committed by women has also grown. Studies for some time have suggested and more are now confirming that women seem just as likely to be violent and controlling toward their intimate partners as men.

Scientific research shows gender is not just a social construct

Despite this empirical truth, researchers who study the biological basis of gender often face political pushback. “Many people are uncomfortable with the idea that gender is not purely a social construct,” says Todd, who notes that her work has faced “very critical attention.” There’s a political preference—especially on the left—Todd believes, for gender to be only a reflection of social factors and so entirely malleable.

The Emasculation of Men

One of the ways this is accomplished is by the use of chemicals, called endocrine disruptors in the food supply that cause hormonal changes, discussed in part 1.

The Emasculation of Men, Part 1. Biotechnology

The second method utilized for this purpose is Social Engineering, That is defined, as the covert manipulation of the opinions and habits of the public, in other words, brainwashing the populace.

The term “toxic masculinity”, points to an agenda, that is being pushed by the Media, Hollywood and through education from kindergarten to universities.

The Lies of ‘White Privilege’

For many years, the term “white privilege” has been bantered about in academia, the press, and in select governmental agencies. Now it has begun to enter public consciousness.

The term “white privilege” appears to be the rallying cry of whites of privilege rather than a reality of privilege for all whites. The label discriminates horrifically against poor whites who will never know the “white privilege” they are told that they benefit from.

White privilege allegations distract from the issues of poverty and lack of quality education for poor Americans regardless of race.

The Fallacy of ‘White Privilege’

A pillar of contemporary Leftism is the notion of “white privilege.” Given that a generation of high-school and college students are being taught that a great number of “unearned privileges” accrue to white Americans, the charge of white privilege demands rational inquiry.

The assertion turns out to be largely meaningless. And, more significantly, it does great harm to blacks.

Andrew Scheer on how Canada would be different if he were prime minister

In a wide-ranging conversation, Scheer responded to questions about his call to repeal the carbon tax, why he has yet to unveil an environmental policy, U.S. trade negotiations and the death and apparent murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Here is part of their conversation.

You said your first order of business as prime minister is to kill the carbon tax. Why?

It punishes those that can least afford to pay it by raising the cost of essentials, raising the cost of home heating, driving to work, transportation costs. We know under this Liberal government’s plan that those who emit the most will pay the least. They’ve just concluded a deal with Canada’s largest emitters — big companies that can afford well-paid lobbyists — and they’ve got an exemption of up to 90 per cent.

Even CDC says guns save lives

Newly discovered statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that were never released to the public strengthen the argument for guns and blow a hole in the gun control narrative. The statistics show that guns are used in a defensive manner against crimes far more than they are used by criminals to commit crimes.

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