August 23, 2018

Gun Control Low Priority – Indian Self Government

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‘It’s civil disarmament’: Canadian gun owners blast proposed new gun control laws

The federal Liberal government has tabled sweeping new gun control legislation, and some Canadian firearms owners are not pleased.

Among the proposed new regulations are lifetime background checks, a requirement that vendors keep records for 20 years, and a requirement to present a license when buying rifles and shotguns.

Sheldon Clare, president of the National Firearms Association, says the rules will do nothing to stop crime and will hurt law-abiding gun owners.

‘It’s civil disarmament’: Canadian gun owners blast proposed new gun control laws

Self-Government for Aboriginal People

At the time this paper was written Christopher McCormick was the National Spokesman for the Native Council of Canada

By examining some of the background factors surrounding the issue of Aboriginal self-government, we can isolate some of the problems that have surfaced in the discussions and negotiations of the last ten years.

Taxpayers are generous to First Nations

Canada’s taxpayers have been increasingly generous to Aboriginal Canadians over the decades but that reality is not often the narrative one hears from selected First Nations leaders. Instead, the oft-stated opinion is that taxpayers should ante up ever more.
Thus, let’s start with some hard numbers and look at the trend-line. In the federal department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, with data gleaned from federal archives, department spending per registered First Nations person jumped to $9,056 per person by 2012 from $922 in 1950 (and the figures are already adjusted for inflation so this is an apple-to-apple comparison). That is an 882 per cent increase.

Justin Trudeau tells Hamilton town hall Canadians can feel safe despite returning ISIS fighters

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a Hamilton town hall Wednesday that despite concerns over returning ISIS fighters, Canadians were safe in their country and could rely on the security and intelligence services to keep them that way.

As the war against ISIS winds down, the government has said it’s aware of about 180 individuals “with a nexus to Canada” who had travelled overseas to join ISIS and other groups — and another 60 who had returned to Canada.

The Toronto “Van Incident” and Terrorism in Canada

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said that there is no evidence that yesterday’s “van incident,” where Alek Minassian murdered 10 people and injured 15 others on a busy sidewalk with a van, was a terrorist attack. To count as a terrorist attack, Minassian’s motivations must have been political, religious, or social in nature beyond simply a desire to terrorize or murder others. Minassian’s motives are so far unclear with much speculation regarding his social awkwardness and possible anti-women opinions but, so far, little surrounding his political or religious opinions. This could change as police and investigators uncover new facts.

ISIL claims responsibility for Toronto Danforth shooting, but police say there’s ‘no evidence’ at this stage

ISIL has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth, saying the gunman was among “the soldiers of the Islamic State,” but offered no proof of a direct link.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, responsible for waging war in Iraq and sponsoring and supporting terrorist attacks in the West, made the claim in an Arabic communiqué Wednesday through an ISIL-controlled media outlet, Amaq News Agency.

ISIL claims responsibility for Toronto Danforth shooting, but police say there’s ‘no evidence’ at this stage

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